TIM8 Manager/Assistant

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Features at a glance:
  • Easy to set up
  • Turn on/off by assistant or manager
  • Automatic forwarding to the next free assistant
  • Freely configurable VIP lists via directory
  • Without the use of TAPI/JTAPI
  • Status display on the phone

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TIM8 Manager/Assistant is a practical assistant suite based on onboard CUCM features without using the Cisco IPMA service. All manager-to-assistant pairings and VIP List for managers are supported. Any number of assistants can be assigned to a manager and vice versa. VIP lists can be maintained directly in the TIM8 Self Care user directory and are used to cancel call redirection to the assistant. If multiple assistants are configured, the call will be redirected to the next free, available assistant. Licensing is based on the number of configured users (regardless of whether manager or assistant).
TIM8 MA is a practical manager assistant suite, essentially based on CUCM functions. It does not work with the IPMA service. Various manager to assistant combinations and VIP lists are supported. To facilitate easy administration, the setup can be done using a wizard. This reduces the required configuration time to a few minutes. Configuration errors are virtually eliminated. A manager can be assigned several assistants and vice versa. For breaking the call forwarding to the assistant, a VIP list can be maintained directly in the TIM phonebook. If there are several assistants, the next free one will be selected in case of unavailability. Licensing is based on the number of end users (independent if manager or assistant).

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