Agile security from Germany for companies, authorities, schools and universities


Protect your facility, your employees and your property with a customized solution.

The ACTIGY® alarm-server not only represents an advanced security solution, but also a product based on agile software development and German quality. The ACTIGY® alarm-server is designed for on-site use, which means that you retain full control over your security infrastructure. In our understanding of security, an alarm-server cannot be operated from the public cloud. Your data remains in your network, which ensures maximum security and data protection.



Trustworthy and reliable:

Our products meet the highest safety standards to offer you maximum reliability.

Simple installation:

The ACTIGY® alarm-server is easy to install (e.g. as a VMware or HyperV image) and can be easily integrated into existing security infrastructures.

Data protection and data security:

Germany stands for strict data protection worldwide. The ACTIGY® server meets these standards and ensures that your sensitive data is secure and protected.


Fast response to changing requirements:

Thanks to agile software development, the ACTIGY® alarm-server can react quickly to changing security requirements. New functions and adaptations can be implemented in short iterations.

Customer-centered approach:

Agile development makes it possible to focus on the needs of our customers. Their feedback flows directly into the development process to ensure that the system always meets current requirements.

High flexibility and adaptability:

The ACTIGY® alarm-server is extremely flexible and adaptable thanks to agile methods. This makes it easy to integrate new functions and technologies to keep pace with evolving security standards.


Security, flexibility and control over your own protection system


Integrable systems

Our alarm-server is designed so that it can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems and your network. Of course, all standard interfaces (e.g. ESPA, ESPA-X, APIs, REST) are supported. Expand your security infrastructure by connecting the alarm server to telephone systems, access control systems, building automation and other relevant technologies. In combination with the ACTIGY® Button as a monitored AD/DA converter, analog interfaces and systems can also be controlled.

Customizable alarm logic

With the ACTIGY® alarm-server, you can fully customize the alarm logic to your requirements, regardless of the manufacturer. Define the trigger conditions, protocols and notifications according to your specific security requirements. Define processes, process chains and interactions with any third-party systems. All of this is audit-proof and logged to the second.

Scalable solution

The ACTIGY® alarm-server is scalable and can be adapted to the growing requirements of your security system. From a single system with one ACTIGY® Button to a fail-safe High Availability Cluster for an entire university campus. Everything is possible!

User-friendly monitoring

Monitor your security system in real time via a user-friendly interface. Receive instant alerts, visualize events and respond efficiently to potential threats.

Maintenance and support

Our support team is on hand to ensure that your alarm server functions optimally. Regular updates guarantee the performance of your system. By thoroughly training your operations team, we ensure that you can exploit the full potential of your security solution.


With the ACTIGY® alarm-server, we offer not only security, but also flexibility and control over your own protection system. Protect your facility, your employees and your property with a customized solution. Contact us today to learn more about our ACTIGY® product family and take the security of your environment to the next level!

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