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Features at a glance:
  • Automatic provisioning processes
  • Processing of information from all common database systems (e.g. LDAP, CSV, SQL)
  • Creation of reusable provisioning processes
  • Manual management of CUCM elements

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Fully automated TIM8 provisioning processes can be started by the helpdesk or alternatively run fully automated without any human interaction. It uses the data from the customer's preferred system. TIM Provisioning can use information from all established database systems for provisioning. It does not matter if the helpdesk sets up a new workplace or a new branch office: TIM Provisioning handles tasks of any magnitude. Licensing is based on the number of all devices per client.
With TIM8 Provisioning, fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual provisioning can be performed. Templates are defined for fully and semi-automatic processes, which always map the same procedure and thus reduce or eliminate incorrect entries by the respective administrators. From CUCM to LDAP to externally stored CSV files, different data sources can be integrated into the processes. These can be synchronized at specific time intervals via cron jobs. Drag & drop creation simplifies the creation of templates for end users, telephones, phone numbers and other CUCM elements enormously; no scripting language skills are required. Built-in filtering options allow values from the data source to be adjusted and combined. After a process has been run, TIM8 can automatically send e-mails to selected recipients. Alternatively, the information for the processes can be received from an external third-party system such as service or ticket management systems (e.g.: ServiceNow, Matrix42) via a REST interface. At the end of a process run, the result can be automatically transmitted to these or other systems. Users for Ascom DECT solutions can also be provisioned. In order to structure the existing phone number budget cleanly, phone number ranges can be specified in TIM8 Provisioning. In manual provisioning, the focus is on the simplicity of configuration and selective data access based on clients. To facilitate troubleshooting, a telephone remote control for Cisco IP-Phones is integrated. Licensing is based on the number of all devices per client.

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