Plan and control video conferences, replacing CISCO’s TMS Smart Scheduler.

Unified communication is increasingly taking place in video conferences. The end devices required are increasingly entering the mass market and the expansion of transmission bandwidths has increased rapidly in recent months.

Effective and resource-saving planning is the be-all and end-all when using video conferencing systems (VCS). In addition, such systems must be easy to use for the end user and clear and quick to administer for the technician behind them.

VChronos® is based on the proven TIM8 platform and was developed in cooperation with our existing customers. Thus, VChronos® not only represents an adequate replacement for the discontinued TMS Smart Scheduler, but also makes VCS easier to handle in very large environments. On request, VChronos® integrates the worlds of video, telephony and alarms on one user interface.

Smart video conferencing: The VChronos® features at a glance

  • Integrated resource management
  • Active meeting management
  • Operation optionally with/without CUCM (cluster)
  • As a stand alone server or extension of TIM8
  • One button to push integration
  • Connection of several CMS clusters possible
  • Fully integrated in MS Outlook / Cisco Jabber / Cisco Webex